If you’re like most men, you’re probably eating less now than you did when you were younger. It makes sense. As you saw yourself gaining weight and adding fat you responded by consuming less food.

In order to rev up your metabolism you’ve got to eat MORE, not less. By doing so, you can actually burn more calories during digestion and stimulate your cells to burn more fat.

You don’t have to give up your favorite “bad” foods!

You simply have to eat more of the good ones! And you have to eat them at the right times. In fact, Dr. Berardi has broken the process down into seven simple rules.

You’re going to blink your eyes in disbelief when you see how often, because the more frequently you eat, the more you boost your metabolism. According to research conducted by Georgia State University, people who eat this often (see page 50) have better blood sugar levels…fewer stress hormones…more muscle-building hormones…lower cholesterol …less body fat…and higher metabolic rates!

Dr. Berardi says you should have some protein with every meal. Why? Because it triggers the release of a hormone called “glucagon” which literally coaxes fat out of your cells. It also makes cells less receptive to storing fat. So it gives you a “double-whammy” for fighting fat. Dr. B’s specific protein “prescription” can be found on page 52.

When your body’s pH level is off, you suffer a variety of health consequences including a sluggish metabolism. In fact, some scientists think that the muscle loss associated with age is really the result of our highly acidic diets. The good news: page 54 includes a complete list of acid-neutralizing foods that stimulate muscle growth and boost your metabolism in the process.

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